That awkward moment when the hot chick from 4ch wants to meet IRL, but when you show up it turns out she’s a rogue CIA agent and you are getting arrested


The man was actually an MK victim sent on his 'program'. Kate was part of the same program, she too an MK victim. If you look at the posts on here about her twitter and actually go to it, it is clear something really strange is happening. Multiple accounts that she controls all communicating with hidden messages. These message sometimes contain triggers for other "programmed" individuals.

At some point her trigger must have been activated (by John Brennan [CIA]), which in turn activated the man's program, most likely through their twitter communication. He shows up on her doorstep, they meet for coffee next day whatever. Programs still running.

Kate's 'program' is that she is supposed to stop this "threat" to POTUS and get recognized as a "hero" and gain VIP access to him. Most likely granted by somebody who is still unknown as a traitor to POTUS/Q Team.

"Kate" does not exist the way you or I exist. She was, and possibly still is inside that body as her original person. But at the moment she is a mind control slave operating her program. She may have looked genuine with her Q t-shirt, MAGA hat or what have you, but this is not the case. Look into her eyes, there is something going on inside her mind. It would take a long while to explain how the MK program works, but it is pure evil.

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