The awkward trip to the tower after an LFG raid is the equivalent of trying to leave after having sex with a stranger at their apartment

I had a bunch of dudes on my friends list from clearing VOG together for the first time in 2014. Similarly, we never spoke again or ran another raid together (as it goes. Much faster to go on LFG than it is to scout your friends list to see if anyone wants to run). But when D2 came out and we got that little hint of nostalgia from seeing the guys I beat my first raid with. Sure enough, there they were still on my friends list, except one of them hadn’t been online for like over a year.

I googled his gamertag and saw a reddit post from one of his closer online friends indicating that he’d passed away. Made me pretty upset, even though I’d only known him as raid team member #3 and then never spoke again.

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