Awww, this is just too sad [PIC]

perpetual-change is not an alt - he's the 10th most prolific poster in the zuess-pillow branch - as well as active on the Zonks branch etc. The 2-3 line posts in that thread were the exception not the rule - so his personality is very distinguishable. He'd pretty much moved on till I brought a number of the regs back via that mini gilding train of seemingly random 2-3 year old posts (they were far from random)

and Alistair or "stairs" as you call him - is also not alt - he's the 7th most prolific poster in the new EpicThread (don't know if he was part of that thread in other branches before that)

From what I can tell he was (is?) also pretty active in your thread as well - or at least was back when Smiley was active.

I've read hundreds of posts by both of them - neither in any way resemble your Doctor475.

You can read through their first posts for a while via

and get to know them a bit better - as someone who knows them both very well (though they are both just getting to know me) I can tell you with 99% certainty that neither are alts of Doctor475 aka veron1O1.

I could write you a book (literally) about likely one of the first "catfish" ever in the online world. I called her Lauren Kelly. Though it'd take a handful of score cards to list all her various names and all the things she died of over the years.

I'd met her when I was a newbie as Lauren... she "died" and her best friend Kelly joined the room I was a part of ... devasted. I was a naïve newbie then and was there for her as were others.

Next thing I heard they were having a funeral for one of her characters (a male) in some small similar to CM room (but private) - he "died" in a motorcycle accident - the day of the funeral she (another of her characters) found out she was pregnant with his baby.

When their small group joined CharterMember - of course "Lauren Kelly" joined as well in yet another new name. I always knew who she was though. But unless I had 101% proof I'd never accuse someone else of being her (she was obviously NOT well liked by most) so I just watched and tried to mitigate any damages she would cause. She broke hearts, and devasted peope with her many ways of dying over the years.

When I moved CharterMember to the IRC - she could no longer continue her games there cause she didn't know how to hide her IP. So she moved on to die another day elsewhere. :)

Any newbies in your sub since 6/18 - are either oldies from this sub - one of the 150+ who dropped in due to my mini-gilding train in r/science w/ it's 11,000,000 members. (none of the gildings lead directly to that sub intentionally but apparently some did some digging) and blackwind (don't if / or how much he posted previously - is back due to my invite as is randomusername)

If things get somewhat busy there again - 457 could likely continue his antics in a new alt but from what I can tell he doesn't really cause a lot of harm - don't think he's died even once - or gotten someone to fall in love with "him" etc. The only real harm would be others being accused of being fake and leading others to not trust them and what they say.

You don't really know me - but Lauren Kelly isn't the only "fake" I've experienced over the years - so hopefully you'll trust my judgement on this in that I am 99% sure that Perpetual and "Stairs" are not alts of 475. OK :)

I have tons of alts - but anyone who I talk to for even a brief period of time - always knows it's Whitney. No matter what name I might be using.

I have not really used the Whit4You name publically in over a decade till now - I was basically 'in hiding' from who I am and what I am capable of (long story) but who I really am all started to come out when I got silly one night and started inviting people like Victoria, love_the_heat, Gold4NoReason and so on to that tiny little sub where I was 'just' the newbie mentor and cheerleader.

Once I've settled in there I may invite one of my closest CharterMember frends there. EpicThread has been incredibly G rated for 30,000+ posts (how???) - yours can handle a lil R rated banter I think LOL :) CharterMembers "have no filter" though - so he's likely the only one I'll be inviting. The others OMG no :)



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