Awwwww. The Navy would have vaxxed him.

So being vaccinated suddenly means you can’t spread this virus? Hm, no they are very clear on that you can still spread it.

If a large enough number of people got vaccinated, though, the virus wouldn’t be able to survive in significant numbers. There wouldn’t be a virus to spread. I’m sure someone’s thought of that. What’s the reasoning against it?

Does the vaccine suddenly make you immune? No just resistant, and studies even showed people who had the virus and recovered had natural immunity which was shown to be more effective but politically is disregarded.

That “just” can mean the difference between staying home or being hospitalized, or life and death. Plus, there’s no need to build up a natural immunity n the first place.

So far it sounds like the unvaccinated are the ones accepting the risks and are also being shit on for it.

What about the risks they’re forcing on others who haven’t accepted those risks? What about their free will?

So far for this entire pandemic it has been too down mandates where everyone goes along with it.

The government (and then private companies) only had to resort to stricter vaccine mandates once people started behaving in a way that makes no rational sense.

Most Americans have received multiple vaccinations over our lifetimes. For decades, it’s been common for public schools and many occupations to require proof of vaccination. Listening to the advice of your doctor had, until recently, been a no-brainer.

Why is the COVID vaccine suddenly different?

Use reason and self interest to change people’s minds.

That hasn’t worked. The reasoning doesn’t get much more solid: the overwhelming majority of the medical community is pro-vaccine. As for self interest, people have thrown away their careers, and even their lives, because they’d rather listen to rumor and conspiracy theories.

The media is doubling down on a fear campaign.

Because millions around the world have died, many after a vaccine was available! Hospitals still get overwhelmed with COVID patients, forcing them to delay or cancel less-critical care. Yeah, those things are scary!

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