B2 bomber makes the sky look like it's missing pixels (xpost r/interestingasfuck)

In 1999 when Bill Clinton was President a B2 destroyed the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia. Of course it was downplayed by all the media. Embassies and diplomats are supposed to be considered untouchable by rule and convention. Heck foreign diplomats in this country have even committed manslaughter and walked away from it. But Under Bills watch the Embassy of a major nuclear power was destroyed and as in all things Bill got a pass. When there is a major war all branches of the military want to get into the show. They want to get their men blooded. They want to plan and execute successful mission, this is how Colonels become Generals. It’s no different for the Air Force, there’s no better training than actual combat. Even though it is a strategic nuclear bomber at this point there’s no reason not to use it. It’s the same as the B52 which was used extensively in Vietnam.

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