Babies are not a casual decision; when did people forget this?

I mean I also worry for my partner to possibly experience PPD if I do (which is very likely) because he’s very empathetic. But it bothers me because women-specific health problems are really held on the back burner. If it’s hormonal, you’re handed birth control and that’s it. It’s unfair to women. I have PMDD and told my gyno about how I was suicidal and she tried giving me birth control which makes me even worse. She didn’t care. Doctors don’t care if your hormones make you suicidal. They don’t take women’s problems seriously. I wouldn’t discredit or be rude to any man who had PPD but it’s so tiresome. It reminds of when we say “if men experienced this condition, it would’ve been solved already”.

There’s been studies on the neurosteroid allopregnanolone to be used to treat PPD but that’s only a theory. It’s been trialed and tested but not enough. If we want to help aid men then we have to study the cause of this in women.

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