Babies born with severe MENTAL disabilities should be aborted/euthanised.

This is so true. I have an older half-brother who my mom does everything for and enables his bad habits because she thinks there's something wrong with him. I suspect Asberger syndrome, personally. He holds a decent paying job but that's all he can do as an adult. My mom handles his finances, cooks everything for him (he doesn't know how to cook at age 35), and bails him out every time he makes a poor decision. He has four children with four different women. The last woman he got pregnant was addicted to drugs. So, my nephew is now five years old and not speaking at all. My mom has basically taken over complete care for him as his mom bailed at 3 months old. She pays for all the medical shit like having him tested to see why he's not talking and sending him to a specialist to work with him for his speech. She's given up all of her free time to care for him which means that her other children have been completely ignored. I graduated from college, the first n our family to do so, and she didn't come because she was caring for my nephew. I've started really resenting her and my brother because of it. We don't go on family outings and do anything together anymore because my nephew is difficult to go out in public with. I can only imagine how much worse it is for a child that is severely disabled.

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