Babies born with severe MENTAL disabilities should be aborted/euthanised.

"Your choice to get pregnant”. Okay then. Please tell all of the 7,123,00 teenagers, 83,800 girls under 15, and 209,500 women who received abortions worldwide in 2015 that it was their choice to get pregnant. And even if they did, consent to sex is NOT consent to pregnancy. That’s like saying me consenting to driving everyday is me consenting to a brutal car accident.

You do realize that even though you dont consent to a pregnancy and a car crash, there is a RISK to them. By having sex you must realize there is a RISK to getting pregnant. Literally the most important thing in driving is having the realization that you're at RISK of getting into a car crash. That's why you must be careful. If you have sex and get pregnant, most of the time its your negligence.

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