Baby is handed through a crowd and given to the rock

I have a mild form of tinnitus and get headaches if the wind reaches my ears sometimes because my dad loved playing loud asf rock music in the car for as long as I've been alive. I love him but I wish he had even an ounce of foresight for anything to do with my life, my god..

And now I get to have wonderful extra hearing issues from my neighbors with shared walls blasting their 15k amp at random times moving the levels up and down and then ramping it up to x1000 so I can feel my organs vibrating - the bass is insanity, can't even hear my thoughts- enveloped in a fucking drum (2-7pm and or 1-4am type deal - it's inconsistent) before going back down after 3-5 minutes. Brought up this before a few times but he keeps forgetting, he's just always super high on something. He's nice enough - mainly just has the memory of a goldfish.

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