Baby sleeping well; but I'm not [insomnia/nightmares due to trauma]

Holy shit, I'm so sorry you went through that. I second the other poster who suggested therapy. Going through something like that would give an adult PTSD, let alone a child! You went through a lot.

Sort of related: my childhood home was near the World Trade Center and although I was a teenager at the time, my lingering PTSD means I found myself deeply anxious about putting my not-yet-born baby at a daycare in downtown Manhattan. I talked a bit to my therapist about it and she helped me work through it. You can't prevent bad things from happening, but you can accept that they are really unlikely to happen. A good therapist can help you develop coping mechanisms to work through those moments of panic.

Also my friends who have kids say that stress dreams about their babies being hurt/going missing are incredibly common for new parents, even those without PTSD. The good news is they usually fade over time as your baby becomes more robust and less helpless. You're definitely not alone!

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