Baby Yoda memes (2019-2019)

I'm going to say it again I hate Baby Yoda so fucking much. If it's supposed to be a baby, then why the fuck is it all wrinkled? It looks like a stupid shriveled up old man. Every time I see it's huge black eyes I just wanna punch it in the face. My fist is probably bigger than its entire body, and I would be happy to obliterate the miserable little fucker. And don't even get me started on its fucking ears. The massive hairy fuck ugly shits that are bigger than its entire head? If he's supposed to be so cute, then why is he uglier than my asshole after Taco Bell night? I refuse to watch The Mandalorian because of that stupid little fuck. If he doesn't die by the end of the series, then Disney isn't getting another cent out of me. That little green piece of shit deserves a slow painful death.

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