back in the 90s, police officers got a bit creative. they sent letters to people who had warrants, saying that they won a free item, then when the suspects arrived, they arrested them. credit to r/watchpeopledieinside

Compared to what? How are we classifying "more violent"?

Towards everyone in general? Or just the minorities they lynched/allowed to be lynched back in the day?

Was it less violent when each police precinct was literally owned/controlled by a different political ward leader--used to attack and intimidate political opposition? What about when the police were basically just used to bust unions, and also to keep all of the Irish/German/Catholics/immigrants/etc. in line? What about when police were literally just slave patrols--was that less violent?

Yes, the 80s basically saw cities turn into literal war zones, but that just meant a different kind of violence. And honestly that's also when people really started tracking the stats -- so there's not much to compare it to, although if you can find police numbers (shootings, LODDs, assaults, etc.) prior to the 80s I'd be genuinely interested in reading about them.

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