So I go back to my moms house tomorrow and Imma need some support because I cannot even stand her anymore.

I understand how you're so pissed at everything. My parents also did some stupid ass shit, like take my electronics and make me go to bed every night at 9-10 (until junior year came around, and I had to stay up later due to homework, until then did they relax off). Trust me, I understand that frustration.

On the other hand, though, I think she's doing this more out of necessity/care than being an asshole. Like I've stayed up pretty late before, but 6 AM playing Call of Duty is definitely an overstep. Additionally, seeing your situation with school, it's more responsible to set an alarm to go off every school day.

I understand your frustrations, but I also understand what your mom is doing. I could suggest reading a book, or doing homework to pass the time until you get tired.

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