Back to school megathread

As someone who went to UCSB where sometimes it seemed like everyone was a social butterfly/party animal, I would recommend maybe joining a sport, yoga class, or maybe even getting a job you'd enjoy. Do things that is based around moving around your body and staying fit, requiring discipline or responsibility. I normally found that the most level-headed and well rounded people were found in places and activities like these because the people you find there are normally more focused on taking care of their own bodies, having a disciplined mindset while understanding that having fun isn't always about how many shots you can drink in a night.

As for general college advice, I wish I would've known how much cheaper it was to live off campus with room mates, how much cheaper it was to eat in and cook all my food, how crazy productive it was to build my own desktop PC at home for both school and gaming purposes, even just a second monitor to hook up to a laptop for a dual monitor setup improved my productivity during the school year so much. Also, I wish I had figured out sooner that networking wasn't this huge complicated thing to figure out on how to find all these important people, cold-call/emailing them, impressing them with all these achievements; it was honestly just about talking to anyone and everyone about not just my career goals or interest, but anything we shared in common, and leveraging any of those interactions to open doors for yourself. Just talk to people, make a connection by talking about any shared interests like your hometown, sports, your schools, etc. and make friends in order to ask later for favors like handing a resume for you to one of their colleagues and vouching for you.

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