Back your stuff up, people

A lot of people just blindly forego backing their data up, or back it up improperly. I've had friends and family lose data when their laptop or desktop died, when their micro SD card with all of their photos crapped out, when their NAS died, etc. Some reasons/excuses I've heard:

  • Laptop: "But it had an SSD, not a hard drive. I thought those were more reliable and didn't just die like hard drives." (Drives can just die for no reason, be it HDD or SSD. It happens.)

  • Desktop: "But I just replaced the hard drive (had it replaced), the rest of the computer's still the same, shouldn't the data be in there?" (No, you replaced where the data lived.)

  • NAS: "It was backed up!" (RAID IS NOT A BACKUP.)

  • Micro SD/SD: "Isn't that what the cache or the hard drive is for? I thought the computer holds a copy of the data for a while in case this happens?" (No, that's not how anything works.)

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