Backers denied refunds over Shenmue III Epic Games Store exclusivity

Don't try to act like the launcher being changed is the "norm" for changing PC Requirements, because that's super disingenuous.

You're right. It's almost never listed for games, let alone games that are in development. But I wasn't implying that was the norm for games. Only that I think that's unreasonable to use as a "guarantee for Steam", especially since it says that it's subject to change directly underneath.

I dunno how you think that's disingenuous to say. I think it's more disingenuous to assume what people assume.

You now it was mentioned other times, multiple times, and it was more than some offhand statement said once

I didn't actually. Which is why I asked the following question:

Mind pointing me to that?

In regards to where they made that guarantee.

but your language implies that only an idiot would believe backers were gonna get steam copies, and that really rubs me the wrong way.

Well i'm sorry you've assumed that, but that was not my implication.

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