Background Check Bill Marks Gun Control as a Priority for House Democrats

"According to noted criminologist Dr. Gary Kleck of Florida State University, every year some 650,000 Americans use firearms to thwart criminal assault. That's 12,500 a week."

We don't know anything about the nature of the instances people were reporting.

So we fight some guns with more guns? Cool argument.

Then, the 300lb guy comes over and just crushed your 120 lb ass with his fists and/or his club. Problem solved I guess?

Don't piss off other people, simple. They wanna kill you? Call the cops. They'll come and use a taser. Or use their gun if needs be.

There are countries with cops that don't carry guns. Those cops are often fighting gun crime as well. Those cops don't die.

Also, there have already been 6 mass shootings in 2019. The effect of a mass shooting pierces through more than those who have been directly affected.

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