The backlash that FDS gets, both on and off Reddit, proves that society is committed to keeping women in unsatisfactory relationships to the benefit of men

The whole ideal of the Atomic Age nuclear family was built on women as a class sacrificing themselves for the benefit of men. Our society was architected so that unskilled slacker men could support a family on one income and women lacked key financial freedoms that kept them dependent on men.

A very large portion of our society still idealizes this fantasy even though the social safety nets for men through affirmative labor policies that made this ideal possible have been stripped away for the last half a decade. Globalization means all our unskilled work goes overseas and corporate oligarchs sacrificed the tax structures that balanced the economy for working class earners in order to enrich their own coffers.

Now men want to blame women for the state of society-- because like any good American they are trained to seek out under-privileged groups to blame for social ills caused by unchecked capitalism-- and to continue benefitting from women as if the social contract that made the Atomic Age nuclear family was still in effect. It's worth mentioning that while men in the 1950's didn't respect their female partners as equals, they also did not engage in the fervor of unchecked male supremacy and misogynistic hate than men today engage in.

Women are waking up to the fact that partnering with a man suffering under those dual delusions in a tough economy is a complete liability and naturally refusing to go along with it. We are living in the death throws of end state capitalism and it's unclear what the future will hold. We used to think that overpopulation would be the death of humanity but it's becoming clear that any sufficiently industrialized society will have a steep drop off in birth rates because of the above elements coming into play. Who knows what the future holds.

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