Backstage News On Brock Lesnar: "The storyline is to make it appear that Lesnar is leaving without dropping the WWE Universal Championship, which they hope will get Roman Reigns cheered more when they face each other, potentially at SummerSlam"

I think they're looking at it as 'Oh, this worked before for someone else, let's try it again'

So Mania 31 was their attempt to get him over like Daniel Bryan (with Seth's Cash in being like Orton's)

Mania 32 they tried again to get him over like Bryan by 'beating the Authority'

Mania 33 they tried to get him over like Brock Lesnar by beating Undertaker and 'breaking the streak' in a cheap imitation, mixed with a bit of Flair/Michaels with the retirement part of it

Mania 34 they tried to get him over with another Daniel Bryan 'Management hates him' storyline

Now at Mania 35 they're trying to replicate the whole 'CM Punk leaves with the title' thing to get him over

The question is whose successful storyline will they rip off next? Daniel Bryan again? Or

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