Bad acne for 3 years. Any help is very appreciated.

Try homemade yoghurt turmeric face masks everyday 10 mins before shower. Stop dairy, gluten and meat. Can take fish occasionally. Include green leafy vegetables in diet. Drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol and diuretic drinks like excess tea or coffee. Try to include soluble fibre drink to keep your gut clean. Like 4 tbsp of psyllium husk everyday. Sleep 8 hours every night at regular hours. Take doxycyline 50mg everyday for 6 months for cystic component. Use non oil based moisturiser and wash face twice daily with gentle cleanser. Can use home made cleanser like rice or chickpea flour with lemon juice. Start exercising 6 days per week. Alternate between weight training and run for 20 min. Dont touch your face with anything except with clean fresh towel or cloth. Keep your sheets and pillow clean by washing regularly atleast every 7 days. Don't expect results for 6 months atleast.

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