Is it bad to dislike the creation of new genders and pronouns? (read text before hating)

I disagree. Remember that absolutely everything changed after the internet, the ability for everyone to communicate with each other and compare notes has resulted in dramatically different generational changes than what we may be used to pre-internet.

Widespread adoption of gay rights and gender issues is (presumably) only one generation beneath you. In 40 years, they will be the Senators and community leaders.

There will still be opposition. We now collectively know, for a fact, that slavery was wrong and black lives matter. There are still people who hate black people and there always will be. But the progressive norm is that racial equality is a good thing, and your options are to stand with that idea or against it.

The progressive norm in attitudes about gays and genders is widespread and almost fervent in the generations younger than you. It didn't take five or six generations after the internet, it took one.

That will be the progressive norm in the near future and progressives will feel pressured to conform to those ideas while conservatives and right wing types will feel pressured to hate it.

There are grownup progressives who are on board with civil rights and women's rights and gay rights but they're not so sure about this whole gender thing.

In the generations younger than us, that isn't the case. It is fully adopted.

Speaking out of my ass in broad strokes and anextdotally, of course, but you get the gist of my argument.

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