Bad Guy Boss

It was a series of unfortunate events. It started with this unsightly abscess on my face that made me swell up so much my eyes went crossed from the pressure. No way I could have been around customers like that. Then there was once I just got a cold during the winter months. Pretty common when working in a place with so many people.

The other two ties were more or less a problem that I totally could have worked with if it weren't for the fact that Walmart has this ridiculous policy where I can't go to bathroom unless I page a manager for permission and wait for their response. I have a GI disease and occasionally I really have to go to the bathroom and sometimes I have a flare up that means I need to go to the bathroom four or five times a day. Every other job I've had I just wait as log as I can to find a minute when I'm not busy, go to the bathroom, then continue working with minimal interruption. My CSM at Walmart just ignored my requests for over an hour while I nearly shit myself and had all of two customers while I could have been taking care of my business. I get that, in the service industry, sometimes it's just to busy to go to the bathroom so you have to hold it. But I know my body well enough and I have good enough sense to make a judgement call if it's going to be okay to take a quick break without disrupting service. I'm a grown woman and I don't need permission to not soil myself.

That left me with no choice but to call in sick on days when I had a flare up, and it happened more than once so I was out of a job. I'm surprised it didn't happen more often than that because I get flare ups several times a month. I was just able to suffer through it some of the time.

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