Bad News for "Self-hosted" wallets in the EU. Not your keys not your crypto has just been made more difficult in the EU.

Because the statements apply to all platforms including Monero. I’m not miss informed at all there is no such thing as achieving 100% privacy, not even for Monero.

Is it the most private of the cryptocurrency & blockchain solutions that exist in the current state of affairs? Yes.

Is it 100% private and anonymous? No.

You should understand all of the things that go into defining privacy because you clearly don’t and seemingly aren’t capable of forming and informed counter argument other than to say “you’re misinformed.”

I also never said I don’t own Monero. I just said it’s not 100% private/anonymous because it’s not.

Here’s why Monero isn’t 100% private:

  1. Node operators can track and store your IP address.

  2. The mixin service can be traced down to a degree of accuracy of 45% meaning an agency could narrow down the choice of coin to near 50% making it easier to trace transactions back to you.

  3. Let’s assume you use Monero to transact in a store. You’re on camera, and your phone has GPS built in. I can pin point you were there at that date and time and know you made a transaction, then look at the payment gateway/node to see how the transaction was processed at that date and time.

  4. Buying and sending Monero off exchanges that you KYCed means your purchase of it can be tied back to you far easier. And also makes tracing it easier if you’re not taking multiple measures to mix it through several cold wallets and off CEX monero purchases.

  5. The resources of state run agencies and hackers far exceed the resources of blockchain companies, including Monero hence the cat and mouse game that always exists.

Happy to keep going as this is just a small subset of examples of why Monero isn’t 100% private and anonymous. Again it is just one piece of a larger set of privacy tools that would need to be deployed to try and be as anonymous as possible.

Learn what privacy means, and how absolutely insanely difficult it would actually be to achieve total privacy in todays world.

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