Ballon d'Or counting halfway through, podium as of now: 1. Luka Modric 2. Raphael Varane 3. Kylian Mbappe

Exactly... Ronaldo wasn't the sole reason Real Madrid won the CL, and certainly not the semis and final, and he didn't carry his team to anything in the WC. The league was completely lost at the start of the year due to his bad form in the first half of the season, which of course wasn't considered for the last Ballon d'Or. Now people want him to win it over Modric because Modric's having a bad start to this season? idk man. It's like trophies and highlights is the only thing that matters, and Ronaldo won the CL and had some good goal highlights. Modric had a better World Cup performance than him and had was key in RM's midfield to win the CL - so I don't see how he 'did' less just because he wasn't scoring the goals like a forward.

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