Balotelli in Flamengo talks

Surprised there is no European team in for him as despite all the Incidents in his history he does seem to have grown up a bit and is obviously a talented footballer, Id guess (completely my opinion with no evidence) after his good season he prices marsielle out, can't imagine he'd be keen for a move to Brazil, disappointing as I've always liked him and thought he was exciting and interesting just shows how raw talent is only half the battle, don't think many would argue that he has anything lacking there, in an alternate universe where he matured a lot sooner I imagine he'd be playing for one of the big money teams, City United psg barca juventus real etc. Earning hundreds of thousands a week, real shame, have no idea why but I was always a fan, I imagine his wage demands are extortionate but if they could afford it would like to see Newcastle give him a last Premier league chance but even I'll admit that probably isn't sensible as with agent fees and wages it would probably cost like 10 mil to give him a season, would be better off going to mls I think they'd love him there

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