Baltimore Cop Holds Gun To Man’s Head During An Arrest!

  1. Fine. If a system is an set of things working together, and the set of things in question (a massive amount of single-mother's, which leads to a lack of father figures, a Welfare-State, and the War on Drugs, the Police, Slavery, etc...), then the system which causes the issues is not entirely racist. You have proven that these problems are not entirely caused by racism. Thanks for that. Really helped my argument
  2. Black cops "abusing their power" against other blacks is not racism, because I find it pretty hard to be enforce racism (prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized), when you yourself are a member of that group. Police aren't racist, even though they do arrest/kill African-Americans more than White Americans.
  3. " ...the system is the problem, not just individuals. "

" Again you either believe the fault is a result of an
outside source or with the people, there are literally
no other options."

Oof, poor wording right there. So which one is it. Do
you believe both the individual and the system
are/can be the problem, or do you think it must be
one or the other. Thanks for proving my point for a
second time. It can be both.

  1. Also, Systematic: " done or acting according to a fixed
    plan or system; methodical. "

Systemic: " relating to a system, especially as opposed
to a particular part. "

You mean to say Systemic Racism. :)

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