Baltimore State’s Attorney Mosby to stop prosecuting drug possession, prostitution, other crimes amid coronavirus

Thanks for getting and being clean now and sharing your experience. I was in the same scene during the same timeframe but on the east side of town, and I know the drugs I was buying were being controlled by what we now know as the corrupt GTTF. The one and only time I bought from someone on the west side, as soon as i got back east i got pulled over by the cops and handcuffed, car searched etc. They took my one friend to central booking because he had a warrant, they ended up dropping his charges, big surprise there /s Took my drugs and money of course, and let me snd my other friend go at the scene even though we had plenty of reasons to be arrested for (mainly the couple grams of dope they confiscated but didn't bother to arrest me for).

The point is, they knew us, they knew my vehicles, they knew as soon as i bought from someone who wasn't them and they made it clear the rules.

It wasn't too long after that when the heroin dried up like you said, it really was like overnight and it was gone. If it was still as easily accessible as it was back then i know I'd still be a junkie or dead now. The reality that its only shitty fentanyl or some research chemical analogue out there is the only thing that keeps me from relapsing some days.

Its my theory that the increase in violence is due to the fighting for the spaces in the drug trade that were opened up when the GTTF and all their friends got caught..

And I know you said you werent going to name street names but im really curious where you're talking about on the west side.

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