Bangkok's tallest skyscraper, which opens next week, has one of the best designs I've ever seen

I worked for a spinoff firm here in Milwaukee that specialized in prisons. It was in an old building on Old World Third street, very dark, and the main office was on Wisconsin Avenue what with all their glass and their special chrome chairs with the laceback leather backslings... but I digress.

I used to give all the architects so much crap for designing boxes (I was the marketing/admin and helped put together all the proposal material). We were like the redheaded stepchild to the mother firms. Plus, as an added bonus, the two firms what joined together to take on this niche market were competitors in the "real world," and thusly, there was friction in the studio and we had to have two separate admins in the office (so one could do the oh-so-private work for the 'other' firm, they were the only dudes to do their own work in that studio dedicated to the joint venture.)

What was nice is that when the studio head for the competition left, I would be recruited to go fetch beer for the staff :) Not to mention the Taycheedah mug and the Jackson County Correctional Center- Black River Falls T-shirt were fun perks.

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