Bank Bonus Weekly Thread - Week of November 08, 2022

I am trying to churn a Chase Total Checking account. I opened one in Sep 2021. I received the SUB a couple months later, but still in 2021. I closed the account on Aug 03, 2022, so I am a few days past the 90 days required. I currently have a number of Chase credit cards.

I am trying to open the account with 2 different links. One of them is the $300 SUB from the $600 checking and savings combo. I keep getting this message: "You've already redeemed a similar offer." I tried going through the process without being signed in to my Chase account, but Chase of course recognizes me as a customer after I fill in my credentials, and will not continue until I log in.

P2 also has a Total Checking account. I tried using her referral for $200 SUB + $50 referral. I get the same message, "You've already redeemed a similar offer."

It's my first time trying to open the account for the 2nd time. Am I missing something? I searched, but I could not find any info on this. It seems I fulfilled the requirements, unless there is something else I am not aware of. The SUB was earned in 2021, and the account has been closed for over 90 days.

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