Is banking kwh still a thing in Az?

Why would you use PWM on a system that large?

But, yes, I have a quite capable purely off grid system on my office, and am designing a hybrid, grid-tie system for the house that's going in this year. My house system will be quite a bit larger, but I have a pure electric house and a Volt that will be charged from the system.

Going purely off grid would cost far, far more than the hybrid system, and wouldn't pay off over time compared to what I'm building. Even that won't really "pay off" - except that I value grid independence, and expect that at some point, net metering will go away as a 1:1 kWh credit and then being able to self consume will be useful.

Your math, though...

$2700 + $2300 + $1500 + $200 + $1000 is $7700, not $4100...

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