bankrupt neo nazi, Milo Yiannopoulos, joins crowdfunding site Patreon for “magnificent comeback”, is banned in under 24 hours, remains $4M in debt

Technically being attracted to 13 year old boys isnt called pedophilia, its called hebephilia. its a commonly misused word. Pedophilia specifically refers to pre-pubescent children, where hebephilia refers to pubescent children. It’s an interesting read.

Also I think that Milo says those things based on his own experiences as a teenager, and it is less about promoting them than it is about self-justification and trying to feel okay about what happened to him.

Not to say that hes a good person. Personally I dont follow this whole “alt-right” movement people seem to obsess over, so I dont know much about him.

Source: My dad was an actual pedophile

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