Bannable words?

Riot has 2 major issues when it comes to their report system IMO, The first one being that when they give you chat logs, it's only the person being punished without any other information such as the state of the game when things were said, who was speaking/responding etc so it comes off very vague as if it's a joking matter with friends or not, so Riot Games gets to decide somebody else "Context" in a way almost taking away your rights of free speech ( which I understand there is summoners code that you agree too etc I don't want to go into details ) but I find it to be unfair for somebody else to decide the context without giving a reason why or the whole state of the game and other messages. The second issue they have is that they don't punish people equally, so if some 16 year old kid whos getting into league was to watch his favorite streamer and see how he types and responds to people in an aggressive way ( you know many of them that do, I'm not trying to start a witch hunt by any means ) they might think it's ok as they see somebody established as a big time content creator acting/typing a certain way without any punishment, when the reality is a favoritism due to the benefits they gain from content creators and streamers a like. This is an example from a punishment given ( 10 games chat restriction and loss of honor ) I don't have logs only this part as I had to scroll up through my discord to find it from a shared group. . . . Hey again,

I can clarify why you're only seeing your own messages. This is because you can only be penalized for your own chat, you'll never be penalized for what others say or do. You are only shown the messages this account decided to type into the game. I can see the context of what other players are saying, and I still think this chat restriction was placed correctly.

TheBrokenSpirit: they have to send minimum 2 people to me, it's your job to win the 4v3

TheBrokenSpirit: let me splitpush and you all stay grouped as 4, buy control wards so you stop getting caught

These two messages are call outs, and aren't constructive. It is okay to disagree with that, but that is why the system placed this penalty.

The alternative to trying to defuse people is to just mute them and play the game out. You can send a couple messages trying to do that, but going this hard in chat is not constructive.

TheBrokenSpirit: they have an AOE teamcomp, me grouping is a terrible idea TheBrokenSpirit: I thought you muted me LOL TheBrokenSpirit: ohh TheBrokenSpirit: im 30 dude, but that don't matter worry about you homie TheBrokenSpirit: maybe if you stopped typing about how I stream to 2 viewers you wouldnt be dying as much TheBrokenSpirit: it's not my fault I'm winning 2v1 and you guys die in a 4v3 why you blaming me

This is just a small clip from the message I already showed, and I think it's clear this is not defusing anyone, and could've been avoided. That is all this chat restriction is about, is getting you to type less, ping more, mute more, and keep comms clear for tactical information.

The chat restriction will not be changed, and we're not here to debate or argue the point. I'm only here to tell you why it was placed, and how to avoid being penalized again in the future. If you have questions about moving forward and avoiding penalties like this, that is what I can help you with.

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The best way to avoid it is to not type at all, in all honesty it's just a better habbit to get in and mute everything and only use pings, because you cannot be punished for not typing.

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