I was banned from r/ lgbt for saying this!

The amount of major subs that have a blind spot towards the horrible shit islam does is staggering, and id argue pretty shockingly immoral given those communities other stances on issues.

I was recently banned from /r/Canada for drawing attention to the troubling crime states that came up from the big migration to the UK, Germany and Sweden specifically, around the rape/grooming of children. A fellow who identified himself as an arab immigrant(not refugee) said those issues were made up. I pointed him to a few BBC pages about new castle. He then dug through my post history, found out i was gay, and used that to insult me saying I wouldnt need to worry about anything since the arabs wont rape gay men. I responded with factual reality of the high inbreeding issues in the arab world and how that might explain his tolerance of rape or homophobia.

That discussion netted me a perma-ban a few minutes later. He continued to post.

I really am troubled by how quick progressive liberal people are to cheer on Islam, while being harsh with benign harless Christian stuff. I dont like any religion(or any dogma) but to scream bloody murder about a politician saying "god bless america", but giving a pass to(or even worse, cheering on) a politician who campaigns and endorses sex segregated, homophobic mosques?... Well, it seems pretty damn silly.

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