Barcelona have lost a game in which Lionel Messi has scored two or more goals for the first time ever in all competitions

This has been the worst statistic I've seen in a while.

Usually the stats are genuinely interesting, or funny/weird or just banter aimed at a certain club/player. This is none of those, not even remotely interesting.

What the fuck is this statistic supposed to mean? I don't know how to even start interpreting it. Does Barca have a higher chance to win a game if Messi scores a brace than a game in which any player combination (including Messi) scores 1 goal each?

So if Rakitic scored the 92' goal instead of Messi then what the fuck happens? It's normal then? But no Messi scored a brace. Unbeliveable. First loss with a Messi brace. Absolutely unbeliveable. Rakitic scored the 92'? Meh. Messi did? Holy fuck.

I felt genuine discomfort trying to process this retarded statistic

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