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I'm not even here to enter the giveaway or comment on the Baron, sorry. I was just looking for the most recent post about Heaven Gifts to reminisce about my first vape purchase ever; It was made on 5/17/2009 for $113 from Heaven Gifts. It consisted of a few DSE-901's, carrying case, charger, liquid, etc. Crazy to see the evolution of things and how HG has maintained an excellent business throughout all these years; It's almost been a decade now and that's almost unfathomable for me. It was a struggle to quit smoking at first, took a few tries, but now I never think about picking up smokes again, especially with the devices that are available today. I still vape a lot, it's as much a hobby as it is my cessation tool; I have come to realize I just enjoy nicotine and I'm not willing to cut it from my life, I just prefer the safer approach that is vaping. I think I'll make an official 10 year post in May, I just wanted to get a bit out now. Keep going strong, Heaven Gifts! I appreciate you in helping get vaping off the ground all those years ago, and I think many others can agree.

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