The Barrows - Base of Tokarev's Opposition

Living Quarter

As Mary and the rest of the entourage descended down the supply lift to the bowels of The Barrows, she could feel a rising sense of tension in the air. It was a hive of activity, Eisenfaust's personal little port in the storm beneath Tarbean. Mary'd never heard of this city - let alone been here. It had been simple enough to sneak in here, due to the fact that Mary wasn't anywhere near as infamous here as Karanese. While the boat ride had been mostly uneventful, she had been fighting a growing urge to rip Theo's head off throughout the trip. The first fuck-up had been deciding to help Eric in the first place with something that hadn't been anywhere remotely their problem. As the group descended the staircase towards the Guards room. More prisons, she annoyedly thought to herself. I'm real fucking tired of prisons. Upon arrival, Mary glanced around, looking around at all the bunk beds. Not exactly a lot of room. She took a deep breath, gazing at the five bunk beds. Not a lot of privacy, either. The room was medium-sized, approximately 20 meters across and 7 meters tall. While averagely-sized, it felt relatively cozy. Like a silly camping trip. Her eyes glanced over at Daniel, before she walked towards the bunk-bed to the further-most left corner of the room. One of these is already taken, she noted, glancing towards the far right bunk-bed. (OOR: Annette's)

Mary walked up to her bunk, loudly dropping her heavy cash-filled duffelbag onto the ground and looking around for a moment. Her left hand reached up to her black tank top's right shoulder sleeve, adjusting it slightly atop her shoulder. With a quick motion, she pulled off the black cloak over her shoulders and messily balled it into a fumbled mess of cloth, and lazily dropped it atop her back. She sat down atop the bunk and let out an exhausted sigh of relief, kicking off her black boots and taking off the white socks that laid underneath. The trip had been horrible for her. Then again, being anywhere within 10 miles of Alois was enough to be considered horrible. Forgive me, Mary - my ass. Fucking prick. She shook her head, wiping the thought of him from her mind and waving Daniel and Theo over.

"Guys, over here. Me and Daniel'll take bottom bunk. Theo can take top. But first,"

She pointed a finger at Theo, "You and me need to have a chat. About Karanese." She leaned forward a bit, rubbing her hands together and resting her elbows atop her thighs as she sat on the bunk bed's edge. Her brow ruffled a bit as she stared at him, pursing her lips in mild annoyance before moving her hands and tapping the bunk bed with both hands. "Daniel, Theo. We need to talk, if that's okay."

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