Bartleman Apartments

I will speak to this, since I currently live here.... I rent, have for 3 years.

Great building, built well, solid, quiet mostly, and if there is the odd bit of music/people it's on the weekend.

They are indeed replacing the boiler plumbing soon, it needs it, not a big deal, but needs to be done. As long as you factor this in the price you should be fine. They've been planning/working on it for awhile now.

Lots/majority of people own in the building, not a ton of renters.

Honestly, it's hidden gem, most units have hardwood floors, balcony, high ceilings etc..

Just make sure there's a parking space included if you need that, parking is tight.

Don't get one in the basement, just overall I would never recommend the basement.

I will say that crime is high around the area, don't leave things in your car etc.. I've never had a problem, but I've seen and heard lots.

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