Based Covid

No problem. I have also had friends who had maybe 1 day of bad headaches then was fine and that was it.

My friend who is currently fighting for her life is thin, healthy and in her 30s. If she has any medical issues, I'm not aware of them. Without medical intervention she would have died, no doubt. She developed pneumonia from it. Her roommate got it too, she is about the same age but heavier but not quite obese and it was next to nothing for her. Why one was fine and one wasn't is a mystery.

The most recent death of a friend, he was obese. I believe he had diabetes. Right away he had trouble breathing. 3 days in the hospital and he was dead.

2 more friends that have died from it were overweight but not much. One had a heart attack during it but they weren't sure if one was related to the other.

I have not known anyone who was under 30 that has gotten it. One of my friends suspected her 3 kids got it bc both her and her husband got it. Her kids had high fevers and vomiting but none of them went to the hospital. Totally different symptoms from the parents. But the interesting thing was that none of the kids tested positive.

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