Based on a Media Fact Check site, I created a graph of bias in published media in Australia

Mate, as someone who reads The Age every day (the actual newspaper, not the site), you're going to have provide a lot of evidence to counter that the established views of Fairfax journalists, economists and commentators aren't the standard of the centre-left.

The Age's economics argues for minimum wage increases, collective bargaining, union membership, extensive regulation of the financial sector, higher taxation to support social programs and Medicare etc. On top of this, non-economics related content obviously skews to the left in terms of views on immigration and asylum, gender and sexual equality, the climate etc.

You would have to be pretty far left or otherwise not well informed to honestly believe The Age and SMH are anything but centrist at worst, but ultimately centre-left by its definition. If the right calls you are socialist rag and the Communists claim you to be a tool of the bourgeoisie then that makes your true position clear.

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