Basement of conjuring and secrets

Approaching at a valley Adrainlius looked forward, seeing a shadow making it's way towards him he drew his blade. Fully aware of the shadow person's identity.

" So... you came. "

The shadow merely smiled. " So you accepted my challenge. "

And i see that you're already overcome with the vengance?

The shadow hadn't a clue of what he was talking about as time was going short. They simply both nodded at each other and ran towards each other as two lions fiercly fighting each other. Only that... one is a dragon the other's a lion this time.

The lion shadow man roared high as he had stabbed adrian in the shoulder. Quickly pulling it out and heading to stab the heart or neck the mage had backflipped quickly taking ground after the stab.

" That blade... It dosen't look what i think it might not be. "

With a smile once again he ran towards him and managed to kick the confused wind mage in the forehead sending him flying towards a wall, creating cracks in it.

The shadow laughed and said

" You were always like this... "

The man stood out of the hole, while whispering to himself.

" My past caught up to me... I WON'T RUN! "

With the yell adrian hastily stomped the ground before readying himself. The Zephyr stance was getting ready as geysers quickly popped out, releasing a huge blast of water from each one.

The wind was getting breezy and tough. You could feel a barrier forming around the two with a intent on killing on one of them. Quickly nodding again the two charged full of zeal.

Adrian took out his blade and managed to block the first strike and sending out sparks that roared as a lion would in battle.

A jab stab was going for him as (NAME) was about to stab him only with a leg holding it down the wind mage punched him in the face and send 'im flying.

Quickly regaining his feet (NAME) looked forward only to see that Adrianlius was staring at him, analyzing. (NAME IN OTHER WAY) used his own magic. Lightning and fire, blazing steel.

A quick swipe that encountered the cold blade. The winds around the two was getting stronger. Quickly Adrainlius charged his blade and leaped backwards and threw out the raging tornado. The blazing blade had caught glimpse of the tornado and send the tornado in fire, destroying some of the terrain around the two.

The fire tornado raging on as if a dragon it got caught of the (NAME) send flying. Adrainlius took advantage of thus and went steel tempest. Quickly flying towards him he pulled off another attack. Foxfire blazing wind! And quickly slashed his chest with a fire mark, forcing the shadowman to fly towards the mountainfall and break it.

Quickly getting up the shadow was yelling. " WHO ARE YOU?! YOU'RE SUDDENLY THIS STRONGER?! "

Talking to himself no longer he faced (NAME) and told the truth. " Yeah. I have a family now that i will get stronger for and will help with all of my might. After leaving the temple it gave my nothing but anxiety but once i met Fairy Tail it all went away. So now i trained until i dropped. "

A huge clash suddenly as sparks flew rapidly around. The blades had broken down but that didin't stop the two.

Suddenly a cough of blood as greeted by a punch to the face hopefully as a distraction to make him think he's not dying right now. Another elbow to the gut as a leg knee to the face.

Two fists met eachother, imbued with magic. One with wind the other with fire a huge flame was born from the between raging and throwing the both out separetely.

The flame had looked like a wyvern raging and throwing fire and was still there shortly before disappearing.

Both of them stood, grabbing their hilts one last finishing blow as they had made elemental blades. They charged and one blade flew. It was Adrainlius's but the winner was unexpectedly the same person mentioned in the latter.

The sick (NAME) had fallen down, coughing blood even more his guts had been damaged and his face was more bruised and bloodied especially with the virus doing it's part in cutting some of the veins already.

As Adrainlius let out a roar of agony, fully experiencing grief he stood up. Without a word to say no longer he decided to be quiet as words weren't enough.

The mage had merely left, leaving the body rot on the grave of no more than rain and earth. Heaven and Earth as it's grave.

Adrainlius was long gone, his blade broken but compared to his spirit not as much as he had murdered his only best friend he had and now unsure whetever the vein virus or he got to him first.

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