BASF To Launch Battery Materials Production In Germany

Oh yeah you added some stuff to your comment about battery production. A report came out 4 days ago in which it was found that the pack made by Tesla costs about 25-60% less than the pack made by GM, Porsche, and BMW. I have a link to it below.

The reason why it is important where battery production is located is pretty simple. You got transportation costs (as a side note, this is also why Hydrogen fuel cell will never be viable, because transportation costs drive up the cost of hydrogen fuel), political instability (Trump-China relations, maybe war, embargo), tariffs.

The primary reason why Tesla's battery packs are so much cheaper is because they have like 5-12% of global battery production just sitting in their backyard and they don't need to ship it from China or Korea like Germany does. As a result, they can make profit on their Model 3s while GM loses thousands per Bolt.

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