Basic Bitch traits

Oh I’m going off on the music.

In defense of Taylor, I’ve been genuinely meaning to get around to her full catalog just because she’s so immensely popular you can’t even really call it “basic” anymore, like she’s one of the few people that somehow still has a specific audience despite also being one of the most globally known and immediately accessible artists in pop.

To be fair a lot of “basic” musicians I like. Can’t stand LAUV, but I like HAIM and Clairo and Young the Giant, and I don’t mind beabadoobee. A lot of the alt-pop folks tend to be pretty “basic” because of streaming hits that make people think their taste is more “underground” than it actually is.

Lizzo is great, I continue to get more into The Weeknd and brockhampton, Bad Bunny knocks, I’m not big into the A$AP mob guys but they’re fun, love me some Kali Uchis, love me some Megan (she upstaged Cardi in her own song lmao), love me some Charli XCX- all kinda “basic,” though, mostly because they all have at least a few solid club bangers that everyone knows.

“Basic” artists I don’t like? Drake, Chili Peppers, Cardi, Blink, Chainsmokers (if they’re still relevant), French Montana (fuckin can’t stand that dude), GvF

It’s also pretty “basic” to exclusively listen to stage musical soundtracks but I can’t really speak on that because I’m not super familiar, and while I often can’t stand the melodrama I also can’t ignore the talent on display, so it’s really just “not my thing.”

Any women wanna weigh in on music that’s basic for dudes, PLEASE be my guest. I could go off on Godsmack and 5FDP all day (and I could go off about Tool and Death Grips and Deftones for longer because I like them) but I’m not the one staring at dudes’ profiles.

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