A basic income could boost the US economy by $2.5 trillion

Because it's hard to pay your taxes if you can't afford to do so, and it's hard to direct the U.S. government to pass a budget in favor of the individual rather than corporations under the current system of lobbying.

Before taxes, I have $400/year USD in cash to feed myself between two jobs, 70 hours/week, on BS in Computer Science. I quite literally am forced to pay my taxes by taking out loans. Hell, I only eat once a day at most. But I still pay them, even though I'm approaching $50k debt.

My country is fucking me over.

It's so easy to say "how about paying all your taxes", but it's not that simple. It's an oversimplification of the struggle at hand. I can't even technically afford to exist between two jobs, between rent, utilities, and food. I just take out loans in the hopes everything with be okay if I keep working hard. There are literally banks profiting off of my misfortune.

Infrastructure?You have the money in the bank? Great. Build a new highway. But when it needs to be repaved, how do we afford that when the people who use it can't afford to pay for it?

The argument that we should be paying "ALL your taxes" and "investing in the country's infrastructure and manufacturing" to solve the problem shows that you don't really understand anything about the issue at hand.

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