Basic Ninja EZ Mode Rotation

Before a pull, cast Huton. Whenever the timer gets below 40 seconds left, be looking for a chance to do your Armor Crush combo. If you are fighting 3 or more enemies, and you expect them to die really quickly (under 15 seconds) , then cast Kaiton. If you expect them to live longer, cast Doton. Now spam Death Blossom. That's your AoE rotation. Use Hellfrog Medium to expend Ninki. Repeat until everything is dead.

If you already have Huton up and can get an Armor Crush off during the next pull before it falls off, don't bother casting it again. Get a Doton ready, run in middle of the pack and cast it, then immediately Hide and you'll be able to toss out a Katon.

Weave in Dream Within a Dream whenever you can, on cooldown. Use Bhavackra to expend Ninki. That's basically it, except for Ten Chi Jin.

DWaD has the same cooldown as Trick Attack, so it's generally ok to let it sit for a few seconds until you an TA (unless you're holding TA for something like, 15+ seconds).

If on a single target and you have Trick Attack ready, use Ten Chi Jin. Cast those mudras, in that order, activating after each on to cast Fuma, Raiton, and Suiton, then use Trick Attack.

That depends on how long Ninjutsu has left on cooldown. Since TCJ reset Ninjutsu, it's likely better to hold it, use your next ninjutsu on TA and then use TCJ during TA window. It's also slightly more potency to do a Fuma Shuriken->Katon->Doton than a Fuma->Raiton->Suiton, as long as the boss will stay inside the Doton for the duration. (Though if you're using TCJ during Trick Attack, it'll be better to do Fuma->Raiton->Suiton since they'll all benefit from 10% damage).

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