Bass fishing for beginner

Ugly stiks tend to be heavy with a lot of flex, and lack some sensitivity, particular the spinning rods. Even a heavier model won't set the hook on a frog bite properly, and if you're using heavier gear it's going to fuck up the action on your lighter baits (like weightless senkos, etc.). You need to tell us the action of your rod and the line weight.

3/8th oz spinnerbait? That shit is going to be too heavy to use effectively with an uglystik spinning rod, should probably be looking at something lighter.

Since you're new to fishing you should focus more on getting bites to figure out what works - lighter gear and smaller baits increases your chances of getting bites (may not be big fish, and you may lose some, but getting the bites is the first step).

If you are using ridiculously heavy line (like, heavier than 14lb mono) and then throwing a snap swivel on, that's just fucking up the action of whatever bait you're throwing (assuming the flex of the spinning rod etc.) Tie directly to the hook/bait.

So, downsize your gear. If you're line is heavy and stiff, go replace it with some limp stuff, try some Trilene 8lb XL. Good all around line for east coast, northern bass. Go buy some 3/0 wide gap, or extra wide gap (EWG) offset hooks (sometimes called worm hooks). This is a good all around size for most soft plastics. As others have mentioned, buy some Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Senkos (or a knockoff). Don't buy the giant shit, I think the 4" or 4.5" are standard, get a natural color, green of some variety. Texas rig it (to make it weedless) cast out and retrieve slow, try various retrieves. This is the easiest and one of the most deadly ways to catch bass. Also, very similarly, use a Zoom Fluke. Get the Zoom Salty Superfluke in a light/shad color - Texas rig it as above, bring it in fast as a top water or let it sink slowly for deeper water.

Need to get deeper, put a split shot on a foot or so up from the hook, no need to get too complicated with sliding bullet sinkers (Texas rig) or whatever. Do not succumb to all the glittery shit in the tackle shop (including expensive ass tungsten worm weights when you don't even own the equipment to appreciate the increased sensitivity from tungsten).

Unless its clear open water, do not throw spinners (assume you mean inline spinners like Mepps/Panther Martins), that shit will just frustrate you, same with crankbaits with treble hooks hanging off them. This should be simple logic, if you can't see how treble hooks are not a good idea in weedy water, well, shit, I don't know man... Use a weightless fluke as described above for that shit, it's pretty much weedless.

Stop throwing that frog - assuming it's a hollow body frog, the strike will be awesome but you aren't going to hook/land that fish with your current gear. If you're dead set on fishing topwater like that, get a bait with treble hooks (open water only) you are much more likely to hook up with and get the fish. This is kind of the basic idea - remember, don't go huge.

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