bastrop texas whataburger rat/mouse jumps into fryer

So this is how the conversation went.

Idk for sure but I think rat is just a common term in speech for all sorts of small rodents. People even call Chihuahuas rats.

Yea, and even the US president calls people rats, its truely a universal term

Really? Who did he call a rat?

Not gonna argue semantics with you

Dude you could have just googled it. He called Michael Cohen a rat. Putting people down who ask for sources makes you look foolish and ignorant.

So not people but a person?

The person you were replying to was referring to the question of "Who did he call a rat" Nothing to do with you being perticular about wording from before the question.

Even then, If you're saying only calling a singular person is a rat doesn't count calling people a rat because people isn't singular is the true semantics. (which we don't know how many times he called people a rat undocumented, do you think this is the only time he called someone a rat in his entire life? it's a common insult and he was documented using it)

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