The Batman continues to close the gap between itself and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, now just $9.96M behind the pace of the 2016 film after 2 full weeks. Its daily gross has stayed above BvS since Day 6, and its Week 2 weekdays dropped just -32% to -41% from Week 1 (vs -65% to -79% for BvS).

I highly doubt snyderverse intense vocal fandom is what made WB want to have Affleck return to Flash. Blame Aquaman and WW plus days of future past.

Similarly, WB first approached Snyder with an offer of a few million for a “Donner Cut” style release of ZSJL. Without the concept of cinematic universes eating Hollywood, it really should have been really easy to get WB to green light that idea. The interesting thing is why Snyder correctly perceived he had leverage to hold out for a bigger justice league swing.

alt cut of suicide squad

What’s so crazy about that? You literally had deeply reported pieces in trades when the film was released about how the director lost control of the film. An Ayer’s cut isn’t a mythical hypothetical, it’s just a normal version of that movie. It’s like asking for an earlier cut of rogue one or as much of Trank’s F4 as is salvageable. Director’s cuts are an uncomplicatedly good thing

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