(Batsh#t insane) Leah Finnegan, in her function as a psychopath, reminds the few remaining men to stay the hell away from women

Well that's the standard plan. This isn't the first time it's come up.

As long as men are afraid, women are safe.

Of course, the problem is, the men that are afraid are not the people that harass women. Feminist traditionally are cowards. Because, in the end, they're weak and scared and short of Ronda Rousey, any average man can absolutely destroy any woman at any time and place of their choosing. Big Red, Anita Sarkissian, whomever, at any point a man can kill them with their bare hands.

No wonder feminists are terrified. They live their lives in fear. At all times. That's why they lie and make up oppression at any moment because that's all they can do, is lie, cheat, steal, and make themselves so disgusting that no man would want them. They'll get as fat and ugly as shit to protect themselves.

Of course, they're just weak. They have no power. No matter what laws they pass, no matter what star chambers, at any moment, an average incel neckbeard can beat them to death at any moment they choose.

And the know that.

The problem is, your average incel neckbeard isn't going to do that. They look at the 0.01% of serial rapists and apply it to all men. No big surprise. They have to keep redefining rape to be "Daylight Savings Time = Rape" because otherwise they can't keep the train on the tracks.

And it's no surprise when they say things like "men can benefit from a false rape accusation" which is just cover for their fascist program of fear mongering. They will never, ever, call out their false rape accusers, because they want men to fear women. I don't blame them, it's a standard victimology technique, hence that being a required course in sociology.

Of course, women are weak and easy to kill. So it makes sense that they follow this paradigm.

It's also why they'll never support women defending themselves in any real way, because the amount of actual real rape is asymptotically approaching zero. And real rape is the kind where you're dealing with real sociopaths, not some guy who got drunk and smacked a girl's ass in a bar, and just wasn't attractive and rich enough to get away with it.

But they've fucked up, as in all things they do.

Men aren't entirely stupid. I know the assumption they are, but men aren't in fact completely stupid. The problem is that they observe this, realize it has nothing to do with them, and walk away.

So when the 99% of men, observing this, realize that feminists will weaponize women, and lie, cheat, and steal, they come to the conclusion that women aren't worth it. Of course, feminists don't care, because the racist sexist religious hate cult of feminism is about power and control. And hating men is what they choose to do.

Whatever, if it makes them happy, all they're doing is not so much making men afraid of women, because men aren't actually afraid of women. All men know is that, inherently, women are fragile destroyable humans. So instead, coming from a position of ultimate power, they know feminists and therefore all women hate them, and walk away. You don't fear women when you have ultimate real power, you just realize they aren't worth it.

Sure a man would go to jail, but some feminists screaming in his face can be beaten down whenever he wants. That's the only thing stopping him, is liking women, having some degree of compassion and empathy, and humanity, and not wanting to go to jail because of gynocentrism.

That's it, so feminists fall back on shaming and nonsense. But that only works so long. Because women, in and of themselves, aren't an actual threat, so men have realized that they don't want to kill or beat them to death, and instead just walk away from them. They're too toxic to deal with, having been indoctrinated as feminists.

Feminists, of course need men, otherwise they die, because they have no ability to survive without being subsidized by men or government. Men are leaving the scene in droves. Going their own way as it were. Marriage has been declining as men realize it's a waste of their time. Women still refuse to take any personal responsibility, and feminists have intentionally done everything possible to make women avoid responsibility, in their attempt to blame all men, but left women helpless and fucked over.

So did feminism win? They'll claim it was to protect women, but feminists have a very poor track record with women. Women overwhelmingly hate feminists, and feminists have proven they don't give a shit about women unless they're politically "correct" and marxist. Which is why they'll eat their own for speaking against their owner's narratives.

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