Battle of Avarayr 451

Funny for a guy who spends a lot of time in this sub you are pretty hostile towards with that post, how long have you waited to say it or how many times? Even though you spend a lot of posts whining about 1 or 2 Armenians who have said anything bad about Persians at all. You're biased in complimenting Armenians from Iran and I'd bet 1 or 2 bad interactions with them would have you throw them all out the window, seems to be your MO.

Armenians in Iran have been treated well relative to how we were treated by Turks but thats not saying much and ultimately as Christians we are second class citizens there, not that it's a great thing to be a Persian in Iran anyway. Thats not even a singular shot at Persians but the whole region is fucked, not great being a Russian in Russia either, everyone (honest) there would empty into the west given the choice, and even the west is in the middle of woketard driven self destruction. You guys have had larger more powerful empires than we ever did hats off to you, and where has that led to? An International pariah state, today you guys are wiping your asses with your left hand's, and will be 1000 years from now, because the religion is your prison, you've got paedophilia of little boys in your general population at the level of the Catholic Church diocese, which can be directly connected to keeping your women in beekeeper suits and putting the ones that refuse to play along with that garbage in jail. Armenians have little opportunity to climb up in Iran, the Armenians that happened to inter marry with arabs married Christians, nice of you to leave that little detail out and even then it is not as prolific as you claim. Had we had that attitude we would have disappeared in the Middle East by now. Armenians are 10-11 million worldwide, thats after a genocide that nearly wiped us out. We do incredibly well in the west and in Russia, better than the average native citizens of any western countries we move into and Russia.

Armenians are and have always been a deeply divided people, none of the empires passing through could have or would have been able to conquer us or damage us to the extent they did if we were not so divided. We have been beneficial to every single society in every facet of society we have been members of except our own, that is our fault and just one of many major flaws.

We are Caucasians, always have been, we tilt European culturally if we had to choose but we are unique and homogeneous relative to many ethnic groups on this planet, we will adapt culturally where we are to survive including the grueling soviet union which led to a lot of the organized crime culture we see today. Its a shame and horrible but a phase that can be done away with with the right iron fist. Where will Iran be 1000 years from now? Same or worse position because the religion that conquered your country will always hold you behind, always, I take no pleasure going into the gutter with you by saying this. It would give me great pleasure to see Persians throw off the shackles that have come with that religion it's a shame what it's done to your culture and your people. You hang gay people with cranes, you lower them so that they could breathe and then you lift them back up again to prolong the suffering, that's not medieval, that was probably yesterday.

As far as that user you read what you want in his posts. Persians I know are extremely social and well mannered people, you guys have awesome food and western singers and music, I cant imagine he hates every Persian, hes clearly into history and would likely engage in debate if you don't get so emotional.

I haven't read the posts you refer to but to me, with my superficial lack of knowledge of in depth history assumes turks are the worst thing to ever happen to Armenians but thats in terms of an asteroid headed towards us, the real enemy for Armenians is in the mirror.

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