As far as vehicles are concerned: More important than anything, we need good vehicle tutorials, complete with custom objectives, narration, waypoints and practice area. Players shouldn't even have to choose the loadouts, they should be issued the loads in the tutorial and automatically placed back into them if they crash or explode.

Players should be walked through using systems like Fire Suppression and Flares/IR Smoke, and how to read engagement radar on esf's and should be given a chance to man a gunner slot. There should be a computer controlled wingman that can demonstrate movement in the air, and just accompany them on the ground (or allow the player to gun for them when that part of the tutorial comes up). And they should be given moving targets at the end to practice against.

For ESF's they should be walked through basic taking off, where to get ammo, and more importantly, landing. With tanks and ground vehicles in general they should be shown how the directional damage works. In libs they should learn how the speed and direction of flight affects your belly gun trajectory. Harasser's and flashes should be given a little time trial waypoint, and a chance to use the boost (please make boost standard on the flash, just disable it in cloak mode). All vehicles should get a demonstration and explanation of what the different available weapon and defense/utility slot systems do, and the effects of upgrading them. Also show the vehicle ownership dialog functionality.

Each part of the tutorial would would be on a checklist of things to try, and after they complete the checklist for each vehicle they get the rewards. After they finish, they should be issued all level one frames for that vehicle, and auto issued level one of NAR/Flare. Default guns should be auto upgraded to level 3 ammo capacity and 1st level zoom optics and night vision optics.

The narration would be important and designed to not only inform of vehicle operation mechanics, but also of general etiquette (i.e. Do not crash a fully loaded gal, do not shoot a vehicle that didn't let you in to gun).

I would expound more on this, but I have to get back to work.

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